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Call for ProjectsToday’s post features guest author Julie Minerva.

During an appearance before the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Major General Donald “Ed” Jackson, Deputy Commanding General – Civil and Emergency Operations, United States Army Corps of Engineers announced that a call for projects for the Section 7001 Report to Congress for 2017 is forthcoming. The Section 7001 Report, as authorized in the Water Resources Development Act of 2014, provides an opportunity for local project sponsors to request new project feasibility studies or modifications to existing Corps projects. It is anticipated that the May 19th publication of the Federal Register will include a formal solicitation for Section 7001 requests and interested parties will have 120-days to submit responses.

In the absence of earmarks, the Section 7001 Report has been the primary vehicle for recommending water resources projects for congressional approval in a Water Resources Development Act. So far the Corps has delivered two such reports to Congress, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, and by law the Corps is required to provide these reports on an annual basis. While these reports have not been without controversy, one could say that Congress and the Administration have stylistic differences about what should appear in the body of the report vs the appendix, they have provided local stakeholders with a seat at that table and it is an opportunity that should not be missed.

For reference and ideas on projects to be submitted, check out the 2016 report on the future of water resources development.

Author Julie Minerva is a Washington, DC based infrastructure advocate who specializes in Civil Works and all things related to the US Army Corps of Engineers. You can find her at: