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Today’s post features guest author Julie Minerva.

Starting on May 11th, the US Army Corps of Engineers will see a change of command in 19 Districts, Battalions and Centers. From Japan to Afghanistan, Honolulu to Buffalo the old guard will be making way for fresh leadership. While there is nothing out of the ordinary with this type of rotation, local sponsors with ongoing Corps needs should be actively looking for opportunities to introduce their organizations and their projects to these new-fangled decision makers. For those of you tuning in from Sacramento or Albuquerque it’s time to make some new friends as your rotations will be the first to take place on May 11th and May 12th respectively. View a full list of the changes ahead.

Author Julie Minerva is a Washington, DC based infrastructure advocate who specializes in Civil Works and all things related to the US Army Corps of Engineers. You can find her at: