At noon eastern time on Monday, June 11, 2018 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) issued its 2018 Workplan.  Although approximately two weeks late, the Workplan contains enough goodies for around the United States as to allow most people to forgive USACE for the delay.

The Workplan can be read at the bottom link here:

A few items are worth noting from this workplan:

  • For the first time it appears that USACE may be willing to consider local construction using Federal funds.  Two projects, Sutter Basin Project and McCook & Thornton Reserviors, have a footnote next to them, which read as follows: “Under the authority of Section 1043 of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014, the Corps will work with the non-Federal sponsor to consider entering into an agreement for the non-Federal sponsor to assume responsibility for carrying out construction of this project. Subject to the conditions of the agreement and to the extent allowable under current law, the amount provided here is intended to cover the remaining Federal share of this project’s construction cost.”
  • USACE is continuing its more recent practice of reimbursing non-Federal sponsors who have reimbursement agreements for advancing the Federal share of construction, such as the $10,249,000 for the Stockton Metropolitan Flood Control Project, allowing USACE to fiscally close out the project, the Florida Keys Water Quality Improvements, Central New Mexico Project, Tahoe Basin Restoration Project, and $14,774,363 for Brays Bayou in Houston, Texas.
  • USACE used five construction new starts as follows:
    • Environmental Restoration
    • Flood Risk Reduction – Coastal
    • Flood Risk Reduction – Riverine
    • Inland Navigation
    • Harbor Navigation

Check back here as more information is shared.