Project EfficiencyA June 21, 2017 Memorandum issued by James Dalton, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Director of Civil Works, is designed to streamline a number of USACE processes, including:

  • Embracing risk-based decision-making.  While USACE has always been good at evaluating the risk of flooding from the present condition, or the future condition, it has not been good at evaluating whether you get better decisions from the delay associates with collecting more data.  Hopefully, this new direction will provide useful guidance in this area.
  • Determining what level of decision-making should be made at the different levels within USACE.
  • Better understanding the ways in which HQ can support, and where appropriate review, the actions of the Districts and Divisions (Major Subordinate Commands).
  • Evaluating and understanding the thousands of USACE policies so that there isn’t duplication and clarity exists about what policies should be followed.
  • Better performance to ensure the incorporation of social and environmental benefits into project formulations.

For more details, you can review the Memorandum here.